Hi, my name is Chris Thompson, and I run Fleur Parfait Florists 
in the beautiful Essex town of Wivenhoe.  
My passion is to design bespoke flower arrangements for all 
the occasions you may have in your life. 
I take pride in discussing every detail of your arrangement with you 
as giving flowers is a very personal thing, I’m sure you’d agree. 
Having worked in retail for many years, and with comprehensive training 
at Writtle College,I’m full of great ideas that I would love to share with you.
Whether you’d like to drop in to the shop, 
chat on the phone, or drop me an email, 
I would be delighted to help you give that special 
someonethe ultimate flower arrangement. 
I’m sure between us we can come up with something 
that will be perfect for the occasion…. 
and we can deliver it to their door as well.